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Our track record as far as treating and alleviating foot pain is concerned speaks for itself. We value our patients and they sure do thank us for it! See with your own eyes to believe!

Stacey R. Hunt

I would recommend this clinic all the time for anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis or any other foot pain related condition. These guys know magic! I am not kidding!

Mark G. Randall

I love to play soccer and I needed to run a lot during games which come quick and fast. Ankle and foot pain were bogging me down and had it not been for Foot Council Health Clinic, I probably would have left playing the sports too! Canít thank them enough.

Roberta C. Craig

My job requires me to move about during the entire day moving from one place to another. The constant driving and sometimes long walks through narrow pathways usually results in extreme pain in my ankles and heel. Thanks to Foot Council Health Clinic, I finally find a treatment for my problem!

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Foot Council Health Clinic
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