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Orthotics to treat sports injuries

Sports injuries are very common. The bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves may suffer from musculoskeletal trauma while playing sports. Sports injuries can be treated using surgical or non-surgical means. One of the most common used non-surgical means of treating sports injuries is orthotics which are commonly referred to as arch supports.


So what exactly are orthotics? 


They are shoe inserts that are used to correct deformities resulting from injuries, to help correct improper foot alignment and to improve the function of an injured body part. They support your joints, back, muscles, and limb tendons and ligaments. Orthotics can become a very handy asset for injured athletes who have just undergone repair surgery, reconstruction or support implants.


The manner in which they are designed, used and fitted normally depends on the physique of the injured person and the material from which they are made. If you are suffering from a sports injury and require the use of orthotics, the procedure of obtaining them is pretty straightforward. The doctor will prove a lab technician with the required information that is needed to design you pair of orthotics based on the sports injury that you are suffering from. These are known as custom-made orthotics. Prefabricated orthotics do exist with the option of being adjusted based on the patient. 

Orthotics is not only used for treating sports injuries. So you do not have to wait until you are injured to use orthotics. You can wear certain orthotics while playing sports to give you additional support to balance the distribution of pressure your body and to control your posture which will decrease your chances of suffering from a sports injury.


It is always import to seek professional advice from a medical sport professional, a doctor or a physiotherapist.  The fact is that you would want to do whatever is necessary to ensure that you do not suffer from a sports injury or if you are already suffering from a sports injury that you do not do anything to make it worse so seeing a professional as soon as possible is highly recommended.


There are so many people who have foot and other related problems, but don’t know when is the right time to get in touch with a podiatrist, hence they keep delaying the time in seeing a podiatrist. Seeing a podiatrist at the right time is a very important thing to do. This would help you get rid of all the foot related problems as well as getting them treated at the earliest and hence avoiding any bad mishaps.

One of the earliest indications from your body that you need to see a doctor is when the pain starts increasing with every physical activity that you do. When you experience a lot of stress on your body or do a lot of work and consequently the pain increases with time, it means there could be a stress fracture. You have to take yourself to the podiatrist as soon as possible to avoid later problems of an actual bone fracture.


Another most important indication of you needing a visit to theis when you have discoloured nails. If any of your footnails looks to be of a slightly different colour from the other or if the both the feet seems to have become of a slightly different colour than normal then you need to go and consult a podiatrist. Some of the reasons of the colour change could be an infection or a vein issue or decreased flow of blood. Even when you have a sore or wound on your foot that does not get better with over-the-counter medicines then you need to visit a podiatrist. There could be many reasons for this and seeing the doctor at the right time can help you detect the problems at an early stage. Detecting it early can lead to getting a better and faster cure to your problem. You can also avoid any kind of health hazards that can come in the future due to ignoring any wound that takes a lot of time to heal.


By knowing and treating your body on time can be the best bet to have an improved lifestyle. A podiatrist is the right person to see when you have any foot related injuries. Do not hesitate to approach a foot specialist when you have any such issues with your feet. Or consider a quaity arch support, such as Footlogics. Get to the podiatrist as soon as you detect any problem and you can be rest assured to get the quickest and safest relief from all your foot worries.



The ankle and the foot sole takes a good beating whenever we walk, run or jog long distances. If you suffer from sore feet for any such reason, feel free to contact us!

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